Jeff Flake And 4 Other RINO Senators Are Targeted For Primary Challenge By Trump’s Admin

by American News Editor 0

President Trump has made many requests to RINO senators who have done nothing to help him. According to Politico, the President now has a list of five Republican Senators he plans to target for principal concerns.

This group includes Senators Dean Heller of Nevada, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Luther Strange of Alabama, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, and Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Steve Bannon, White House Chief strategist, recently did an interview with CNN and mentioned that “the Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election.”

Bannon also stated that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. It’s very obvious.”

He called out specific Republican politicians that have not nor will help Trump’s administration “unless they’re put on notice.” Bannon reassured everyone that “they’re going to be held accountable if 
they do not support the President of the United States. Right now there’s no accountability. They do not support the President’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill. Everybody in this city knows it.”

Let’s drain the swamp!

Should these RINOS be voted out?