Women Of Iran Are Leading, Yet No One From The Left Can Be Heard Supporting Them

by Kevin 0

Some of the most shocking photos and video coming fro protestors in Iran come surprisingly from women. These protests have flown under the radar for a while now and while the American media has been hesitant to cover the stories, protests have raged for close to 5 days now. Dislike for the government in Iran started in 2009 with what is now called the ‘green movement.’


The green movement was when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected president despite the fact that he was not the favorite of the public, so the overwhelming thought was that the election was fixed, so civilians started to protest in large numbers. during these protests, the Obama administration did nothing to support the protestors and instead, tried to preserve a relationship with the current powers in Iran at the time.


Today, Iranians protests again as they are unhappy with their strict Islamic theocracy in the face of an ever changing and progressing world, they feel as if they are antiquated or stuck in the past. Some of the biggest contributors to these protests are women, as they have been protesting the current state of affairs in Iran intensely. Women have long been treated as second class citizens in Iran and they are tired of it.


In America there is a new culture of women being empowered and coming forward publicly against men who have objectified them, and in Iran, women can’t even walk down the street alone, so they feel very much like they don’t matter and it’s something they are protesting to change.


There are reports of a woman protesting in the middle of a square in Iran and after she was arrested, a makeshift shire was erected in her honor, as the people of Iran are uniting in an effort to see the political change they want, good for Trump for supporting them.