[WATCH] Former CIA Destroys Obama’s Policy During Iran Protests, Confirms Trump Is “On Point”

by Kevin 0

Anti-government protests are growing more and more violent as the population is not happy with the current powers running the country. The same things happened in 2009, but hopefully things don’t turn out the same.



We saw these types of violent protests in 2009 under the Obama administration in response to the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when a large portion of the population felt as if their vote didn’t count and that despite what the people wanted, Ahmadinejad was elected anyways.


This gave birth to what we now know as the “green movement” which is when the people violently demonstrated in an effort to remove Ahmadinejad from office. This is where the Obama administration comes in to screw things up. Obama was very interested in forging a nuclear treaty with Iran and wanted to buddy up with them to get a deal done. So Obama order intelligence officers and the CIA to have absolutely no contact with the green movement so as not to interfere with his relationship with the current government in power.


So the Iranian government brought in Hezbolla thugs to help break up the protests, they ended up kidnapping, killing, torturing hundreds of green movement leaders while the Obama administration sat back.

Iran has an islamic theocracy for a government and they have publicly stated many times their dislike for America, so the fact that Obama was more concerned with working with them, as opposed to removing the unpopular leader from power, shows you where his head is it.


Iran is our self-declared enemy, and we have been so soft with how we handle them in the past, but that will be different under Trump. Trump is going to support the revolutionary movements which are going to be the only thing that can change the power balance in that country short of war.