[WATCH] Eminem’s Deranged Freestyle Against Trump Only Helped Him Strengthen His Re-Election Campaign

by Kevin 0

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, recently performed a freestyle assault on president Trump during the BET awards ceremony. Not only was this possibly one of the most offensive, insane outbursts against a president in recent history, but also incredibly hypocritical for Eminem to be judging anybody.

Eminem is well known for his misogyny, violent tendencies, and illicit drug use, are we really going to take his political ramblings seriously? This is a classic case of an artist who was formerly very famous, and has fallen out of the public eye, and needs to shock the public into remembering their name again. We remember all of it Mr. Mathers, the song “Kim” where you go into great detail about killing your then wife, the song where you wish your mother would burn in hell, and the countless other songs where you disrespect women and advocate violence against them and other social groups.

Listen to the political ramblings of this psychopath and tell me this is the language we should use towards our highest elected official.

Could you even make out one solid point he brought up amidst the curse words and anger? me either.

Eminem is seemingly so frustrated with the current administration that he can’t even articulate a solid political argument. He makes the classic mistake thinking he is making progress by lashing out at the current administration without putting forth any actual effort or any solid ideas about how to do things differently.

On top of not knowing what he’s talking about politically, Eminem also used this BET platform to take petty shots at Trump, calling him a racist, commenting on Trumps skin color, and calling him several profanities.

If there was any question is Eminem was crazy or not before, I believe this video is pretty conclusive evidence that he is indeed going off the deep end.