Watch College Kid Claiming You Can Kill Little Kids For The Same Reason You Can Kill A Tree [VIDEO]

by Kevin 0

A pro-choice student from the University of Knoxville, Tenn said in a video released on Thursday that it’s okay to kill young children because they can’t communicate like adults do.


The unnamed student made the argument that children up to the age of  2 should be able to be killed at the discretion of the parents.


“Without communication, we have no way of knowing if you’re sentient or not,” said the student, referring to killing young children. “It’s no different than this tree. It’s alive. But is it sentient?”

“Can the two year old talk to me?” he added. “Generally speaking, the child still has the inability to communicate.”


“The idea that someone could support infanticide is incredibly disturbing,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Yet, it reflects the kinds of attitudes our staff members and students can face on a daily basis on high school and college campuses.”

“When countries such as Iceland normalize the deliberate killing of babies with Down syndrome or states like California want to normalize abortion drugs on campuses, we should not be surprised when students display a wanton disregard for human life,” she added.


This is an absolutely disgusting opinion that I would constitute as evil. To look at a two year old child, and make the decision that because the young child can’t quite make full sentences at the rate an adult can, the young child can be killed without guilt.


The student compared the 2 year old child in the scenario to a tree, which is absolutely absurd. Children have feelings, nerves, emotions, to say that isn’t enough to separate the child from a tree is insane. High school and college students can become so hype liberal in an attempt to try to grab attention that their ideologies become actually dangerous.