[WATCH] CBS Claims Video Shows Cop Caught Red Handed Planting Drugs On Black Suspect By Bodycam

by Kevin 0

Watch this video recovered from 12 different body cams attached to officers on the scene of a hit and run back in April, which appears to show LAPD officers planting a bag of drugs on a suspect.

This is an ongoing case, and the officers have not been convicted of anything, but watch and tell us what you think, is it conclusive that they planted the drugs? Or does the officers case have any traction?



If you watch the video, it directly contradicts the statements the police gave in court, which states that they recovered the bag of drugs from the suspects left front pocket. If you watch the video however, you can see a 30 second clip where an officer who is standing behind the arresting officer picks up the suspects wallet which is on the ground and motions to the arresting officer, who tells him that it’s the suspect’s wallet.

The officer with the wallet, then picks up a little white bag of drugs off the street, and places it inside the suspects wallet.

After placing the drugs, the officer then turns on his body cam, but what the officer didn’t realize, is that on police body cams, from the point of when you turn the camera on, the previous 30 seconds are recorded without audio.

If these drugs were truly planted, there is a real problem in the LA police department, and after seeing these videos, the department has opened up an investigation.

This is a despicable misuse of power if these cops really did take advantage of this man, I’m not quite sure what they get out of it, but I hope the truth comes out, and the ones to blame are held responsible.