WARNING: Look What Police Found In Halloween Candy… Is This In Your Area?

by Kevin 0

Do you know where your kids went to trick or treat last night? do you know what strangers put inside their candy bags? make sure you do, because in Keshens, Wisconsin, an unsuspecting child found a suspicious little baggy in their candy bag that tested positive for methamphetamine.

The parent reported the children Trick or Treated in the Keshena area on the Menominee Indian Reservation.

The Menominee Tribal Police Department is asking parents in the area to search their children’s trick or treat bags for similar baggies. If anything suspicious is located, parents are asked to contact local authorities.

It is very disturbing, that on a night that is centered around children having fun and feasting on candy distributed by relative strangers, the fact that somebody is going to take advantage of the trust the community places in them, but distributing a dangerous drug to children, one that could possibly kill them, it’s disgusting.

This has been around for a long time, I remember stories here and there when I was younger about razor blades in apples, and in candy, but this is different, times are different. Methamphetamine is a very dangerous drug, and very addictive. For a young child who doesn’t know they have ingested such a dangerous drug, or the magnitude of it, it could kill them.

Or maybe it was distributed to a 13 year old, who knew what it was and thought he or she would give it a try, then gets addicted, and who knows what happens next.

Make sure you know where your children are on Halloween, make sure you have an idea of the neighborhood they are trick or treating in, and who lives in it, and above all, make sure you personally inspect each piece of candy before allowing your child to eat it.