He Walks Out! Mike Pence Attends NFL Game And Shows USA What To Do When Players Kneel… Owners Are In Disbelief

by American News Editor 0

The Indianapolis Colts once again managed to disrespect our country at today’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. Vice President, Mike Pence, was in the crowd to support the all American game. The National Felons League players took a knee on their home field as our country’s national anthem was sung. VP Pence was ravaged by their actions and truly showed Americans how to react to such nonsense- walk away from such absurdity.


VP Pence will not honor the players of an American tradition who disrespects our nation’s anthem, soldiers, and flag. Nor should he! Indianapolis is known to be rooted in liberal affairs; however, this took the city to a lower standard and showed who they really are.


Today, America saw how to react when our unifying anthem was dishonored by the NFL. Can we all come together with VP Pence and make a stance on the true American values? Our flag, National Anthem, and soldiers deserve our love and we want to show them how we unite as one.


The cost of a game might hold you back from following VP Pence in his footsteps of walking out of the stadium. Although, that doesn’t stop us from  coming  together and supporting his actions. His bravery and compassion for our country show what America is all about!