[VIDEO] Watch Stephen Colbert Mocking Trump And Begging UK To Take US Back

by Kevin 0


Stephen Colbert, host of the “Late Show” mocked the recent string of tweets by Donald Trump and said that maybe England should “take us back.”

In his opening monologue, Colbert addressed Trump’s rebuke of British Prime Minister Theresa May in a tweet to stop focusing on him and instead focus on radical terrorism in her own country, after she called his recent anti-Muslim retweets “wrong.”

Colbert told May: “Don’t believe him.”

“England, we need your help,” he snarkily added. “Take us back. We’ll be good. We’ll even drink tea.”

The anti-Muslim videos, the legitimacy and context of which are in question, were first shared by the controversial far-right British group, “Britain First.”

A group that argues for the rights of natural born, white, englanders, and a group that is very much not in favor with the current administration.

This is a massive overreaction from British leadership. Like they continuously say, we are incredibly strong allies, and have had a unique connection since the inception of the Unites States, so to throw that away because Trump retweeted some videos that were less than reputable is a mistake.

There is a large anti-muslim sentiment that exists in a sizable percentage of the English population which is why this video existed in the first place, shouldn’t something be done about that before Trump is verbally assaulted for sharing a video that spawns from the fears of the British people?

Trump is right when he says that British officials should focus on their own problems, not what he chooses to tweet, because at the end of the day the tweets are harmless, but you can bet there will be another radical islamic terrorist attack in the U.K. in the near future.