[VIDEO] ‘Moral Compass’ Kimmel Has Series Of Women Grope His Crotch

by American News Editor 0

We never expect anything less from Jimmu Kimmel, and here he goes with Harvey Weinstein.

The video portrays Kimmel speaking to woman saying, ““I’ve stuffed something in my pants, and you’re welcome to feel around on the outside of the pants. You have then ten seconds to guess what it is in my pants.”

A young blonde lady is informed by Kimmel, ““you should use two hands,” as she begins to feel him.

Another blonde gets on her knees, feeling him up, and Kimmel says, “Maybe it would be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

Next, addresses another blonde, asking her, “How old are you?” When she answers, “Eighteen,” he asks, “You sure of that? Cause old Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

Kimmel tells the first blonde “you’re going to make a fine wife.”

Kimmel then asks woman number two, “and your guess is?”

She replies, “A vibrator?”

Kimmel tells her, “A vibrator?” He pulls out what he has in his pants and says, “no, it is actually a zucchini with a rubber band on it. But you could use it as a vibrator with a rubber band on it. Look,” as he begins shaking it in his hand.