[VIDEO] Vegan Activists Go Nuts And Attack Another Family For Fishing Their Dinner

by American News 0

You’d think that liberals would be concerned about saving our country, but instead, they seem more determined to save tilapia. At least, that’s how one angry vegan made it seem when they decided to attack a group of Americans who were fishing on a nice day.

“It’s not food, it’s violence!” the group of animal rights activists chanted. You can watch the chants first-hand, because the ‘activists’ recorded the whole thing, in a transparent attempt to becoming internet heroes.

The activists even made the ridiculous claim that the ‘Bible says we shouldn’t eat meat and that no animals should be consumed.’ Of course, that’s complete bull. In John 21:4-13 NLT, Jesus himself cooked and ate fish.

These ‘activists’ are clearly unhinged. They can focus on the fish. We’ll focus on making America great again.

Do you agree?