[VIDEO] Unhinged Woman Insults Veteran In Restaurant In Front Of Everybody, But Gets Instantly Shut Up

by Kevin 0

The veterans in this country have given up all the things we take for granted so Americans can enjoy life and freedom. They put their lives on the line to defend what makes this country so great. They give up their right to a normal life, they give up their safety, and they become public servants dedicated to protecting us. The very least we can do to thank them as American citizens, is the little things like discounts, free entry to public venues, small tokens of our appreciation.

Some people however don’t seem to have the appropriate amount of respect for our armed service men and women, and don’t quite understand what is it they do for us. Evidence of this is shown in the video when a young veteran approaches the counter of a fast food restaurant. After he places his order, he politely asks if they offer a military discount.

The woman behind him in line then proceeds to call the veteran “rude” for inquiring about a discount. She said he was acting entitled and seeking “special privileges” because he’s in the military. The soldier was shocked at first I’m sure, but handed the situation perfectly.


Posted by SoFlo on jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


“it’s not a privilege, it’s a discount” he replied to the woman, “a privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night. To go home in a free country. some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them”

After he finished responding to the woman in line behind him, a woman comes up and offers to pay for the young veterans food, but then the store manager gives him his meal for free. The woman who accosted the veteran then decides that she doesn’t want to get food and leaves. Some people have no idea what respect is, that woman learned the hard way today.