[VIDEO] Unhinged Maxine Waters Runs Her Dirty Mouth At Trump And All Of His Supporters

by American News 0

There is no question that something is very ‘off’ with Rep. Maxine Waters. Earlier this week, she appeared on MSNBC to say she couldn’t believe Republicans were defending President Trump. She even went on to say that President Trump is “embarrassing all of us internationally.”

When asked if the Russian investigations result in no wrongdoing by Trump, Waters had a shocking response.

“Well, if the special counsel comes back with that kind of determination and if this country wants to continue with this president who’s embarrassing all of us internationally, who does not understand the relationship with our allies and how important it is, and who will continue to have this Kremlin clan surrounding him all looking toward Putin and the Kremlin clan wanting to—you know—make sure that we lift these sanctions—if they want to have that kind of leadership, if they want to have that kind of president, then American can do that,” she said. “But I think that’s not going to happen.”

Are you tired of Waters disrespecting the president?