[VIDEO] SHOCKING : Muslim Smoothly Hails Cab While His Friend Is Burning Alive In His Car

by Kevin 0

This video depicting a man walking away from a burning vehicle and the woman he left trapped inside is disgusting and shocking. A chilling cellphone video obtained by WABC-TV News caught 23 year old, Saeed Ahmad calmly hailing a taxi as he leaves his date Harleen Grewal, trapped inside the flaming vehicle.

“Can I get a ride?” the manslaughter suspect asked casually as the raging fire from his luxury Infiniti 35G crackles and burns behind him. Stunned investigators and firefighters found the charred body of Grewal inside the wreck once the flames were put out.

“It’s unconscionable. How could you?” asked an outraged Van Christakos, 69, a Queens neighbor of the dead woman’s family. “Dial 911. Stay there! His actions are unconscionable. She was a sweetheart.”

“I don’t even know what happened!” screamed her mother, Raj Grewal, outside their Astoria home. “That’s my child! She was an angel. She is an angel.”

After abandoning the woman in the flame Ahmad takes the taxi to a medical center where he was then arrested. Still hospitalized Saturday with burns, was charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, speeding and driving with a suspended license.

Ahmad’s brother pointed to the burns on his brother as an indication that he tried to save the victim.

“After trying to help her get out of the cars, his arms were burned, his neck was burned,” said Waheed Ahmad, 21. “You see a person die in front of you and you are in unimaginable pain, imagine what you would do.”

Watching the video, I don’t see a man in “unimaginable pain” do you?

“Anger doesn’t solve anything,” Dhillon said, Grewel’s boyfriend. “The biggest thing is forgiveness. He has to deal with what happened for the rest of his life.”

And we can only hope the rest of his life is spent in a jail cell.