[VIDEO] MSM Hate Her: Ann Coulter Shares The Terrifying Secrets Of Vegas Shooting Fake Medias Didn’t Want You To Know

by American News Editor 0

Ann Coulter exposed the secret behind the Las Vegas Massacre that the media has been hiding since it happened last Sunday. It is odd that no news has been given following the deadliest shooting in American history, no potential clues or even possibles motivations.

Coulter stated, “Now that’s what I find most interesting – [the media] seem strangely reluctant to pursue this. They’ve decided, ‘He’s a white man. We got our story. Don’t look for any other facts.'”

She continued, “I think the media wants to say it’s a white male. They decided that from day one and any other information might change that narrative. And they simply don’t want to know. But as I pointed out in my column this week – this is how conspiracy theories arise.”

“You won’t tell us this stuff. Oh and the woman shouting ‘you’re all going to die’ 45 minutes before the concert started. Do we know – OK, it’s probably just a crazy woman, but could we find out?” Coulter asked.

There is one piece of information that the media has been hiding. Stephen Paddock went on a cruise to the United Arab Emirates before opening fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Take a look at the video below:

This is unreal.
What agenda are they following?