[VIDEO] Marine Makes Nancy Pelosi Lose Control By Asking One Simple Question About Gun Control

by American News Editor 0

Democrats are using the recent deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas as a means to stir the pot on gun control in the United States. They want one thing only, stricter gun laws, if even guns at all.

We are thankful to have our fellow Americans stand up for our own rights stated in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  We can see that Americans are speaking out about this issue and defending our individual rights, as we should be.

At a town hall meeting recently, Dan Hinkson, a retired Marine Captain and gun store owner asked Minority House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the simplest question in which she fumbled her words to answer. In reference to Las Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, Marine Hinkson said, “My question is…someone with that kind of motivation, what new law can we put out there that would stop something like this?” Her response entailed a series of incomprehensible phrases that summed up to we must “come together in a bipartisan way.”

Continuing her disordered rants, Pelosi went on saying, “That is to have background checks, gun violence prevention, background checks, and to have them be effective.” Hinkson replied in a straightforward manner , “They’re checked.”

Pelosi, now out of her mind, responded with, “They all get checked. They all get checked. They all get checked. But there are loopholes.” She clearly did not know what she was talking about as she said, ““Well, that is something that we should do right away. People were not aware of the bump stock or the bump fire stock, whatever, people call it one thing or another.” Pelosi’s mind seems to be failing her… is it time to call it quits and retire? Find all this below, starting at the 5:45 time marker: