VIDEO: ISIS Threatens To Set Bomb US Roads And Blow Up Homes

by American News 0

A new audio tape has been released, revealing that the terrorist group ISIS has called on its militants to set bombs on U.S. roads and attack homes across the country. This is the first time the group has openly threatened direct attacks on American soil.

According to reports, the U.S.-led coalition has been engaging in a variety of strikes over the past week, including attacks on mobile oil refineries and vehicles, virtually destroying ISIS targets in Syria.

Despite the attacks, the group has become more defiant and vocal. Meanwhile, the US and allies are continuing operations in Syria and Iraq.

“We know that our bases are known because they’re tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations,” an ISIS commander said, according to a CNN report. “Even if coalition attacks impeded ISIS, they’re not enough to stop ISIS’ mission of fortifying an Islamic state across Sunni parts of Syria and Iraq.”

Listen to the recording below and tell us what you think.