[VIDEO] Desperate Democrat Accuses 2016 Elections Of Being ‘Rigged’ In Trump’s Favor

by American News 0

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Representative John Lewis claimed that he believes the 2016 presidential election was rigged in Donald Trump’s favor. Of course, he had no factual basis to back up his wild claims.

The comment was made after CNN Senior Political Commentator and Director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, David Axelrod, asked the politician about previous comments.

“So despite the fact that he got the requisite number of electoral votes, you—he [President Trump] often uses the word ‘rigged.’ You think the election was rigged in his favor?”

Lewis wasted no time responding.

“I truly believe to this day, that this election was rigged in his favor,” he confirmed.

What do you think? Is this absolutely outrageous?