US Hits Back The Countries That Voted Against Jerusalem Move

by Kevin 0

The U.S. is making the first move against the countries who voted against Jerusalem as the Israeli capitol, and the way they chose to do so it’s quite entertaining.

Ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday that the U.S. will be having a reception for countries who voted with us, to extend U.S. friendship to those countries.


“As I said in December, we won’t forget the Jerusalem vote,” Haley, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said. “To that end, tomorrow night, we are having a reception for the countries who chose not to oppose the U.S. position. This is a great sign of U.S. friendship, and I look forward to tomorrow evening. We hope to see more of this in 2018.”

“The United States is asked to do a huge amount around the world, and we are happy to do that. But we expect to be treated respectfully in return.”


Trump has made the threat that the countries who did not vote with the United States on the issue of Jerusalem will have the aid from the U.S. cut to zero. The Daily Caller did the math and if that occurs, the U.S. will save up to $24 billion dollars, not bad.


The decision to make Jerusalem the capitol of Israel sparked international backlash against the U.S. and the U.N. held a vote shortly after to reverse the decision, which most countries voted for, a slap in the face to Trump, his decision, and America.


It’s not like Trump to take an insult lying down however, as his threat to remove U.S. funding will surly make quite a few countries who are dependent on U.S. health reconsider their vote. I’m also sure Trump throws a great party, so if they don’t switch their vote in order to get an invite to the reception, I don’t know what will make them switch that vote.