Two Punks Rob Harvey’s Victims’ House, Get A Brutal Reminder Of What Texans Are About

by American News Editor 0

Natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey create perfect opportunities for looters to rummage through and steal from homes that have been evacuated.

However, the Texas Penal Code encourages licensed residents to use deadly force to protect public, as well as private property.

Two separate incidences reported that two burglars had been shot, one in Houston and the other in Corpus Christi. They were suspected thieves that had broken into private homes that were still occupied by the owners.

One suspect was shot and killed on site.

The second burglar was shot in the head, but is reportedly clinging to life in a local hospital.

It must have slipped their minds that the average household holds seven firearms in Texas.

“Burglars might want to think twice before they try to burglarize homes in a state where people are armed and willing to ride out the storm,” stated Blue Lives Matter.

You don’t mess with Texas, especially in such times.

Do you think all states should adopt similar laws?