Tucker Carlson Rips Jennifer Lawrence Limb From Limb For Blaming Hurricanes On Trump Voters

by American News Editor 0

This is laughable.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence actually tried blaming both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on President Donald Trump.

“It is proven through science that human activity, the climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore it and the only voice that we really have is through voting. And we voted and it was really startling,” Jennifer Lawrence stated.

Tucker Carlson questioned his guest Joe Concha, “You got to kind of wonder though about the press coverage here. I mean, here you have one of the most famous actresses in the world on the eve of what looks like a catastrophe using the storm and the impending human suffering to make a really stupid political statement. You’d think like the press would jump on her, did they?”

Concha responded, “No, you don’t see really any coverage outside of any conservative blogs on this because again, you get passes in these situations and I think you have to have empathy for Jennifer Lawrence when you could relate to somebody and feel sorry for them. And look, we could all relate too.”

He continued, “Tucker, three million people at home flying a private jet over to London and getting over the angst of hurricanes that are no threat to you. And blaming a sitting president perhaps for bad karma for creating hurricanes and be able to talk about your job and promoting movies while getting paid seven figures. I think that’s something that we could all relate to.”

“Being a celebrity is bad for your soul. Have you noticed that? Jennifer Lawrence is not the celebrity taking politics in a weird direction though,” Carlson concluded.

Check out this mess of a video below:

She’s nothing more than an idiot living in a bubble.

Should she stay there and shut it ?