Tucker Carlson Destroys Lib Commentator So Badly She Forgets How To Speak [VIDEO]

by Hank 0

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been pulling in some amazing ratings in Megyn Kelly’s former time slot with his show. It’s clear that his head-on approach to taking on liberal “thought leaders” is refreshing to the American public. Recently, Tucker asked a question that one of his liberal guests refused to answer. It’s safe to say he ended up paying a huge price.

Jehmu Greene is an outspoken advocate of abortion provider Planned Parenthood, which Trump has been working on cutting off federal funding for.

“Why are abortions important to Planned Parenthood, if the rest of what they do is more important, why not just give up the abortions? Everyone will be happy. They can continue to do the cancer screenings. Why won’t they do that?” Carlson asked.

Greene did not answer. Instead, he danced around the question.

“Tucker, abortions are a legal medical procedure in this country and that’s something you’re just gonna have to reckon with.”

“You’re not going to answer my question, are you?” Tucker insisted, setting Greene off the deep-end.

“Answer this question Tucker: why is it that you’re so against big government on every issue except for when it comes to my uterus and my vagina,” she said. “Can you imagine if the government would say, ‘Let’s legislate your penis.’ That’s not ever something that will be allowed by you or any of your male counterparts and it’s time that we get past this issue.”

“You’re wrong,” Tucker pushed back. “How many mammograms did they provide last year?”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Do you applaud Tucker for taking a stand?