Trey Gowdy Takes The Gloves Off, Goes Full Bull Dog On Real Traitors Who Stopped The Travel Ban

by American News 0

Congressman Trey Gowdy was outraged about the 9th Circuit Court’s decision regarding President Trump’s temporary travel ban. After delivering his initial rebuke, Gowdy spoke out once more to criticize the legal counsel who helped Trump draft the ban.

In an interview with Fox News, Gowdy told Martha MacCallum that counsel did a terrible job with the legal writing, giving the federal court every opportunity to turn it down.

“My counsel to the president, I’m sure he is receiving this counsel, because he’s got access to much better lawyers than me—you have to have a different evidentiary basis depending on the category at bar,” Gowdy commented. “’U.S. Citizens’ is just one category. If you have a visa and you have relied upon that visa to either rent an apartment or put your kids in schools, then, you do have certain property interest that you would want protected. Therefore, you are entitled to due process.”

“There is an indication it was written by basically outside counsel and not run by the DOJ,” MacCallum began. “And you just pointed to a number of holes in this initial executive order. What do you think about the fact that that’s the way that it was apparently done?”

“I’m prepared to give this president time,” Gowdy answered. “He has never served in the House, the Senate. It is up to his legal advisors to say, ‘Mr. President, with different categories like non-immigrant visa holders, versus U.S. citizen, versus non-U.S. citizen, there is a different legal analysis.’ And it is incumbent upon his advisors to provide him with the evidentiary basis to withstand a court strutiny.”

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