Trey Gowdy Gets Standing Ovation After Publicly Destroying Obama On House Floor [VIDEO]

by American News 0

President Obama’s approval ratings are lower than ever, and Americans throughout the country are fed up with him acting more like royalty than a leader.

While Obama has been on yet another lavish vacation, a video from 18 months ago has gone viral.

“We make the law!” Rep. Trey Gowdy said, in the footage capture on the House floor. He was arguing in defense of the Enforce the Law Act, a bill that would give Congress the right to sue Obama for failing to enforce laws.

Gowdy went on to claim that House does not exist to “pass suggestions” or “pass ideas.” Its main responsibility is to “make law.”

If it’s good enough for us to ask brand-new citizens to affirm their devotion to the law, is it too much to ask the president to do the same?” Gowdy argued.

Watch the full speech in the clip below, and tell us what you think.