Trey Gowdy Catches Leaker Red Handed And Exposes Them Live On The Air [WATCH]

by American News 0

Ever since Donald Trump became president, the White House has been plagued with leaks meant to undermine him. This happened once again after Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats delivered a closed-door testimony that he was assured by Reps. Trey Gowdy and Adam Schiff would remain private. It didn’t take long for his statements to make headlines.

“About eight hours ago, Adam Schiff and I looked Dan Coats in the eyes and we assured him that there would be no selective leaking of his testimony to us. And I’ll be damned if eight hours later, there aren’t three different leaks with what he told us,” Gowdy said in an interview following the leak. “So if anyone is questioning why Congressional investigations aren’t taken seriously and are viewed as political exercises, you need to look no further than the fact that we looked one of our intelligence officials in the eyes and promised him there would be no selective leaking. And here I am being asked about it not even eight hours later.”

Gowdy went on to say that only eight people were in the room to hear Coats’ testimony, so reason would follow that the leaker would be one of the eight.

“I can’t tell you who it is. But I can tell you this: You’re going to have a chilling effect on other witnesses who want to share classified, sensitive information when it makes its way to the headlines before the transcript’s even dry. I can tell you this. It wasn’t me and I don’t think it was Representative Schiff,” Gowdy continued.

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