SURPRISE: Leaked Pictures Expose Liberal Leaders’ Massive Use Of White Power Sign

by Kevin 0

Viral news circulated last week that accused a White House intern of being part of a white supremacist group because of a hand sign he was holding up in a picture of White House staffers.


The hand sign I’m referring to might be one you have seen before.



According to scholarly research, the historic “OK” hand sign has been adopted by the alt-right as a sign meaning white power. Everybody has seen this before and it has absolutely nothing to do with white power groups, just another conspiracy theory.


But since Democrats are convinced that flashing this “ok” sign is proof of a secret cult that you are in, how come so many democrats are also flashing this offensive hand sign?



Bill Clinton is a nazi??? who knew?? Look at him clearly brandishing his White Power hand sign for all to see, is it true that Bill Clinton has been secretly working with white power groups during his time in politics and has been attending secret white power meetings in the basement of the White House? Of course not, because this sign just means “ok,” or if you are on a basketball court, it means a 3 point shot.



He’s a younger Bill Clinton flashing the sign, how long has he been apart of this secret white power society for??



Even Hillary was recruited over to the dark side? We have no hope left.


No…. God, no… not Obama himself. We are all doomed.


The point is that this is the silliest thing to invest controversy over because literally every politician ever who has spoke at a podium has made that sign with their hands at one point, it’s almost an unconscious thing to do. As for the White House staffer, by guess is that they asked everybody to do a thumbs up and he got confused and made the ‘ok’ sign, or he was just trying to be funny, because it kinda is.