STOP What You Are Doing, And Look At This Photo Of Trump Pushing A Grocery Cart With Jesus And Peanut Butter Surrounding Him

by Kevin 0

President Trump visited Utah Monday in order to sign executive orders concerning how the public land in the state will be controlled by the federal government.

The president tried to keep his brief trip out west light and lively around the holidays as he avoided talking publicly about the major world news of the day.

Trump instead opted for meetings with local officials and politicians from the state.  During one stop, Trump visited a food distribution center for the poor set up by the Church of Latter-Day Saints and had some fun shopping.



According to the official White House pool report, the president grabbed a shopping cart and started whipping around the grocery store:

POTUS was given a short tour of the facility where the LDS Church showed him their food services.

“Good stuff,” Trump said, grabbing a shopping cart and taking it for a spin.


The pool report also notes that the president put a bag of potatoes in the cart:

 POTUS was shown a Bishop’s Storehouse and he put a bag of potatoes in a shopping cart as LDS leaders explained how the storehouse works.


The best part of the trip were the photos showing the president having a blast pushing the shopping cart around picking out classic American holiday foods.





Just a reminder to the people that just a year ago, Trump wasn’t a politician at all and just a normal American who made these shopping trips for holiday food on the regular I’m sure. He knows what it is like to just be an American citizen and not a politician, he known what it’s like to sit on our side of the table.

Everybody have a fun and safe holiday and spend time with loved ones, don’t think about work or politics, just enjoy life.