Soldier Stands Up To Obama In The Middle Of The Ceremony – Watch Closely…

by Hank 0

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has shown very little respect or regard for the United States’ military. As our Commander in Chief, he has made some remarkable despicable moves against veterans. It’s not surprise that millions of servicemen and women are counting down the days until Donald Trump takes over.

Earlier this week Obama gave his farewell address to the military at Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Virginia. During Obama’s speech, one soldier was so fed up with our president that he actually passed out halfway through it. Of course, Obama did not pay the fallen soldier any attention at all. Instead, he continued on as if nothing had happened.


Thankfully, military spokeswoman Col. Amanda Azubuike confirmed that the soldier “received immediate medical attention and is doing just fine now.”
Though this soldier got the worst of it, the appearance didn’t go very well for Obama either. Live footage from the farewell speech shows rows and rows of empty seats behind him—proving that very few soldiers wanted to show up to see him speak.