The Sickening Truth About The Lawyers That Robert Mueller Just Hired

by American News 1

As if we didn’t already have reason enough to question special counsel Robert Mueller, it has just been announced that one of the 13 attorneys he hired to investigate President Donald Trump’s election campaign activity previously defended the Clinton Foundation from allegations it operated as a racketeering enterprise.

From 2015, attorney Jeannie Rhee defended the foundation from the Freedom of Information Act requests filed against them by conservatives who believed the organization’s behavior was directly linked to Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email server. Essentially, Rhee is a clear ally of the left.

According to CNN, of the five attorneys identified at the end of last week, three have “donated overwhelmingly to Democrats, totaling more than $53,000 since 1988. That group includes Rhee, Andrew Weissmann, and James Quarles.

That’s not exactly setting Trump up for a fair assessment now that Democrats are claiming he was involved of obstruction of justice by urging former FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair,” Newt Gingrich Tweeted of the team of lawyers. “Look who he is hiring. Check fec reports. Time to rethink.”

Do you agree?