SHOCKING: Obama’s Former Speechwriter Reveals All The Dirty Secrets Of The White House

by American News 0

According to recent reports, a former speechwriter for Barack Obama is releasing a bombshell tell-all book, with some scandalous details.

In his new memoir, David Litt reportedly describes Obama’s White House as resembling a fraternity house. Litt claims the speech writing team was all-male, all-white, and all under 40. Aides regularly referred to each other as ‘bro.’ When they weren’t on the clock, they were drinking and smoking together.

“I studied the West Wing with my anthropological intensity, and had learned to translate my boss’s unique dialect: the curt, one-line message,” Litt wrote. “The final category of email, and by far the most precious, was any message containing the words ‘boom!’ or ‘bro.’ These were special. They meant you were totally killing it and had established yourself as a valued member of the team.”

Litt also claims he used his ‘White House credentials’ to pick up women.

“There was the winter, for example, when a blond local newscaster caught the eye of a co-worker. (I’ll call him Chase because that’s what he enjoyed),” he wrote, adding that Chase often invited the woman to the White House. “Each time she arrived…he’d charm her for a few minutes, drop a couple of names, and then apologize for being so busy he couldn’t stay. It was almost too easy. After sealing the deal, Chase bragged about his conquest, but anyone could tell he was just going through the motions.”

What do you think of Litt’s comments?