SHOCKING: NFL Players Take Everyone By Surprise On Veterans Day Weekend, See What They Have Done

by Kevin 0

This week in the NFL, before Sunday’s games following Veteran’s day, no players protested the national anthem for the first time this year.

The NFL players association unanimously passed an agreement to hold a moment of silence across the NFL in honor of Veteran’s day. All the players who were previously protesting by either kneeling or raising a fist, stood this Sunday.

Tennessee Titan’s receiver Rishard Mathews, the same player who said if there was a rule from the NFL front office forcing him to stand for the anthem, he would stop playing, ran out onto the field from the tunnel holding hands with to veterans, then he stood for the anthem.

Organizations have been boycotting the NFL over anthem protests all year. A Pittsburgh-based branch of the Veterans of Foreign Wars boycotted the Steelers game “to respect Veterans Day weekend.”

The fact is, that by agreeing to all stand for the national anthem out of respect for Veteran’s day, the players are acknowledging that the protest was disrespectful to veterans and to the flag in the first place, which they claimed it wasn’t.

If you don’t think it’s disrespectful, why not continue the protest? Either they knew what they were doing was wrong, or they are just pandering to the veterans and those boycotting their product because the ratings are so poor.

The NFL is a game who’s roots began with the armed services, the NFL desperately needs their support, it would be a line they couldn’t afford to cross if they were to blatantly disrespect those who have served by protesting on the Sunday after Veteran’s Day.

It will be interesting to see what the players do going forward, continue the protest? Or stop now that they successfully got all the players to stand and respect the flag? The ball is in their court, or field.