SHOCKING: Gym Owner Bans Military And Police Personnel Forever For Disgusting Reasons

by American News Editor 0

A gym owner in Atlanta has started an uproar after posting an obscene handwritten sign stating that police are not allowed to join his gym.

11Alive News reported that a viewer who saw the sign was offended and immediately emailed the photo to them. He claimed to be a veteran and could not stand to see such a ban on police officers.

Eventually the sign was taken down, but the policy remained the same. 11Alive News asked the owner, Jim Chambers, in which he responded, “It was really just that the vulgarity in that sign, and that seems to bring it out for people. I didn’t want the other folks there to take the heat that I’m willing to take.”

Chambers proceeded to add active-duty military members to his list of banned communities. He also disclosed that the members of his gym are minorities and they would not feel comfortable with police officers inside the facility. It is a place meant to help protect other activists who use the gym as a central meeting spot.

The owner said his plan is to put the sign back up, but this time with no foul language.

The Atlanta Police Department responded by saying the “sign would not stop us from lawfully doing our job.”

Although Chambers confidently says that his gym will never need help from police.