Shep Smith Makes Humiliating Mistake On Live TV… What A Disgrace

by American News 0

In the past year, Fox News host has seen plummeting ratings for his repeated attacks on President Donald Trump. In fact, many viewers think he is campaigning to get a job at CNN or MSNBC.

This week, Smith was in the middle of a baseless attack on Trump when he made a humiliating mistake during a live broadcast. In the segment, Smith was discussing the decision to drop the “mother of all bombs,” the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS compound.

“World leaders including Syria’s Putin….I should say Russia’s Putin—Russia’s Putin, Syria’s Assad and North Korea’s Kim, watching Press Trump’s every move,” Smith fumbled. And things only got worse from there.

When he realized he had made a mistake, Smith let out a bizarre chuckle.

“Watching him is irritating to me because he implies his liberal preference with subtleties,” one Twitter user commented. “After all, he doesn’t want to give up his overpaid job at Fox.”

Watch the segment below and tell us what you think of Shep’s slip-up.