Did You See What Obama Did Immediately After His Farewell Address… Watch Closely

by American News 0

On Tuesday night, Barack Obama gave his farewell address in his hometown of Chicago—his last public speech before turning the presidency over to Donald Trump. Immediately afterward, he boarded Air Force One, in what is likely his final trip aboard the private plane. During his two terms as president, Obama reportedly took 445 flights.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that Air Force One has flown 2,799 hours and six minutes with Obama as a passenger—for a total of 116 days. His trips have included 56 countries and 49 states—with Maryland as the only exception.

“Of all the privileges of this office, and there are many, I will miss Air Force One,” Obama said last week at an Armed Forces farewell ceremony.

It’s possible Obama will take one more flight aboard the government jet after Trump is inaugurated, but the aircraft won’t be called Air Force One. The trip would be entirely unnecessary, of course, given that Obama has decided to reside just two miles from the White House. But sources say he is planning to jet off on another vacation right after the ceremony.

He recently told Oprah he plans on going “someplace warm.”