Security Guards Do Something Extremely Offensive To Group Of Christian Mothers In Georgia

by American News 0

According to recent reports, the managers of a mall in Dublin, Georgia are facing immense criticism after telling a group of shoppers that they were not allowed to pray inside of the mall.

Allegedly, the group was eating lunch in the food court, when they stopped to say grace. Suddenly, they were approached by a security guard who told them about the no-prayer policy. According to mall managers, “congregating, soliciting, and disturbances” are not tolerated in the area.

However, the group claims that they were simply praying before their meal.

“The mall manager verified that prayer is not allowed at the mall because this is private property,” one of the women in the group claimed. “I said, ‘Sir, are you saying that people who eat in the food court can’t bow their heads and pray.’ ‘No ma’am.’ That’s exactly what he said.”

What do you think? Is this an outrage? Should Christians be allowed to pray?