School Bans Prayers At Sports, Gets A Brutal Response From The Players

by American News Editor 0

After one person whined about reciting pregame prayers, a Virginia high school was quick to ban them from being delivered on the loudspeaker before games.

Instead of saying the prayer publicly, the school commanded a moment of silence before the games.

Joe Paxton, Clay County Superintendent said to WSAZ, “We had a request last year toward the end of football season to check into whether [prayer] was taking place and if so was it allowed?”

During a moment of silence before a game on September 1st, local rival teams ran onto the field and knelt in prayer, while others in the stands bowed their heads to show opposition as well.

Crystal Gibson, Clay County High School Principal, explained to the media, “As a school and a school system, we are going to abide by the law. If anyone wishes to pray, I, by all means, wish that they would. That’s their right to do so. I’ll be doing so at the same time. Most of the community, I do believe, supports prayer.”

This school is disgusting. They have the right to display their faith.

Are you glad to see how the students treat their faith?