Sarah Palin Destroys Eric Holder, This Will Make You Laugh

by American News 0

Politicians Eric Holder and Sarah Palin appear to be fighting each other with fashion.

Last Friday at a congressional hearing, attorney general Eric Holder remarked upon a presidential discussion surrounding the potential for evolving technology when it came to gun safety standards. Solutions for gun safety included bracelets and fingerprint-based ID systems.

Holder has been unpopular in the past; facing conflicts with the Republican Party, but his “bracelet” idea may have pushed people to the edge.

Palin responded to Holder’s proposal by publicly showing three bracelets that contrasted Holder’s remarks. The bracelets include a ‘Death to Tyranny’ message, as well as a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ bracelet.’ Also included is a bracelet honoring anyone who has served in the military.

The bracelets serve as a “threefold rebuke” to Eric Holder and gun safety advocates across America.