Sanders Smiles After Being Asked If Trump Is Mentally Unfit For Presidency, What Follows Shut Everyone Down

by Kevin 0

If you thought 2017 was an interesting year in politics, get ready for 2018 because already this year we have had some intense stories and the year is young.


What’s trending in the media now that has people talking and reporters asking Sarah Sanders questions, is the feud between Trump and his former staffer Steve Bannon, and the book that is attempting to get published despite a law suit from Trump that claims that people close to him believe he is mentally unfit for office.


Sanders was asked by a reporter, “What is the president’s reaction of the suggestions in this book that he is mentally unfit?”

Sanders laughed and called the claim and the book “disgraceful and laughable:”


“If [Trump] was unfit, he probably would not be sitting there and would not have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the Republican Party has ever seen. This is an incredibly — strong and good leader, that is why we have had such a successful 2017 and why we are going to continue to do great things as we move forward in the administration.” Said Sanders in response to the question, there was no follow up.


Sanders has been a good press secretary for Trump because she treats personal attacks on Trump or questions of his character very seriously, and she aggressively defends the president publicly, and I think she shocks some reporters with the vigor in which she approaches her job.


Sanders has said many times in different words that when the Trump administration is attacked in the media, they will attack back. The public isn’t used to seeing a president have such a presence socially and give the public so much to talk about so naturally Trump gets a fair amount of heat from journalists when Sanders takes the podium, but she plays her role very well.