Rush Reveals The Sickening Truth About Recent Libs Attack On Bill O’Reilly

by Hank 0

Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh was understandably shocked when he learned that Fox News had officially decided to fire Bill O’Reilly from the network. Like many, he suspected that liberals played a significant role in the downfall of the prime-time star.

“Let me ask you a question: Have you ever wondered why not a single left-wing media figure is ever the target of advertiser boycotts?” Limbaugh asked in the segment. “Have you ever noticed that, and, if you haven’t, please take notice of it, and then ask yourself, why? What in the world could explain the one-sidedness of this?”

Limbaugh then pointed out that the woman once married to Anthony Weiner is now appearing on CNN giving commentary about Bill O’Reilly.

“It still boils down to one thing: the left cannot beat Fox News in the arena of cable news,” he continued. “The media, the left cannot beat Fox News. The only option they have is to destroy it. The standard operating procedure for the left is not to level the playing field but to close it. It’s to deny participation on the playing field, not to level it. No tolerance. No fairness. The objective is to destroy the opposition because they can’t beat the opposition in the arena of competition where both entities are battling—and that would be, in this case, cable news.”

Limbaugh then turned his attention to the issues plaguing Fox News at the moment.

“It’s nothing but a giant, full-fledged, manufactured smear—and don’t forget where it started,” he concluded. “It started in the New York Times. The reason that it starts in the New York Times is important is because the second aspect is that corporate intrigue that I mentioned that is also behind this, and it’s…I don’t work there, so I guess it’s not any quicksand, but there is a battle for power going on there between sons of Rupert Murdoch and Rupert—and they are not conservatives, my friends.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Limbaugh?