“Religion Of Peace” Leader Claims Nike’s Slogan Is Satanic And Demonic, Suggests This More Than Hilarious Variation

by Kevin 0

Florida-based Muslim lecturer Sheikh Azhar Nasser advised Nike to change the marketing slogan “Just Do It,” their famous tagline that helped make them into the athletic wear powerhouse it is today, because to him, the phrase sounds satanic?

According to Nasser, the slogan dangerously encourages people to jump into an activity without fully thinking of the consequences.

In a tweet that had me laughing out loud, Nasser tweeted that the massive, international company should change it’s slogan from “Just Do It,” to “reflect, consider the possible consequences and then do it,” which is a ridiculous proposed change, and it confirms that fact that Nasser never studied marketing in college.

There is a reason “Just Do It” is so popular and has sold so many Nike products, it’s quick and it captures the essence of working out regularly and leading a healthy, productive lifestyle. Somehow I think the proposed change of “reflect, consider the possible consequences and then do it,” wouldn’t have nearly the same effect.

Sheikh Nasser then goes on to describe the slogan as “satanic and demonic,” saying it sounds like something U.S. President Donald Trump would say.

No Mr. Nasser, it sounds like something the everyday American would say. Maybe it’s a cultural difference, but the attitude of “Just Do It,” in the sense that you don’t hesitate to do what you think needs to be done, is a respected attitude in the U.S.. not everything needs to be reflected upon, do you workout or not? Just Do It. That’s the point of the slogan, to get people to make decisive, strong decisions and be confident in them.