Reknown Billion Dollar Company “Shares Its Bed” With Terrorist Organizations

by American News Editor 0

Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International, a Las-Vegas based global casino conglomerate, has radical ties with extreme leftists organizations. Murren is using company money to support organizations such as those fundraising for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. In doing so, this renown billion dollar company now “shares its bed” with terrorist organizations and in doing so, is putting its own employees and customers at risk.


MGM employs 70,000 people who are now all involved in Murren’s offensive actions and grouped together under his antics. Murren should be ashamed of himself for using company statements and shareholder money to fund terrorist organizations at the expense of his employees, shareholders, and most importantly his customers. Did MGM loose its peace with the America?


Imagine how many supporters of MGM are Christians, Trump voters, or even have children? Murren clearly put his own interests above his company as a selfish CEO. In response to the Charlottesville violence, Murren donated company funds and shareholder money to Muslim advocacy groups, human rights, and extreme leftist civil rights. He even matched any donation that an MGM employee made to one of these causes.


In addition, it has been noted that MGM has affiliations with CAIR, “an unindicted co-conspirator to Muslim terrorism” as stated by the Justice Department. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer states, “CAIR has ties to terrorism and intimate links with Hamas,” and they are told not to comply with the FBI. Murren is not only putting America at risk, but MGM clearly just lost millions of customers.


Just as a reminder, there was a terror attack in Barcelona led by Muslims following Charlottesville; 96 Chicago citizens have been shot and 17 murdered on the streets; as well as a 24 hour raid on police officers with eight shot and two murdered. MGM clearly was not concerned about the above attacks, all the while, he was donating more money to support such acts. We can’t forget about the Missouri Democratic State Senator who publicly announced his hope for President Trump to be assassinated.