He Ran Disney, Now Bob Iger Is Considering Running For Presidency

by American News Editor 0

What do Disney can teach you about Presidency? According to the latest news : a lot. Bob Iger, the current CEO of Disney is surrounded by rumors that says he’s considering running for Presidency in 2020.

He is set to step down from the company in 2019 and, during a discussion at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles last week, a Vanity Fair reporter asked the audience if they would support him. The question was answered by a massive round of applause to which Iger responded:

“That sounds tepid – so maybe that’s a sign. And my wife is out there somewhere and I can guarantee that she’s not cheering. I will figure it out when I have to figure it out.”

Earlier, in May, the magazine had also asked Iger about his political ambitions, on which he remained silenced.

Nonetheless, the CEO has not denied nor confirmed the rumors yet.

However, he did pronounce himself by discussing the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, claiming the country has problem with gun violence.

He was certainly worried, as many of Disney’s employees were in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting, with many attending the concert targeted. Unfortunately, one was killed.

The part that allows us to think he may more seriously be thinking about running for Presidency he keeps telling that nothing is set about his post-Disney’s future.

When asked if he has ruled anything out regarding a presidential run, Iger responded, laughing:

“Here’s what I’ve ruled in, I’ve ruled that I have a full time job now, and I love this job and I’m committed to it and I,m spending all my time on that and on my family. That’s my life and I will eventually figure out what I’m going to do after Disney. Hopefully we’ll have a lot of different opportunities and I haven’t really begun to explore what those are.”

No confirmation, no deny. One question remains: Do you think he would stand a chance against Trump?