Putin Alerts Trump Of The “Negative Consequences” There Will Be If He Leaves Tehran Deal

by American News Editor 0

President Trump has proposed threats to the Iran nuclear deal, upsetting Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Barack Obama and other world leaders negotiated the 2015 accord, however, Trump has declared it as “the worst deal ever.” According to Trump, the Tehran are not following their pursuit on the bargain.


Putin’s spokesman exclaimed, “Obviously if one country leaves the deal, especially such a key country as the US, then that will have negative consequences.” Putin disagrees with Trump regarding the importance of this deal, and is posing threats to the US by stating we will suffer “negative consequences.” Dmitry Peskov informed journalists that “we can only try to predict the nature of these consequences, which we are doing now.”



Trump is anticipating “decertifying” Iran’s accord, in which they agreed to limit their nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. They are not meeting the needs of their agreement and therefore, Trump is taking action. US officials proclaim that by “decertifying” Iran’s compliance to the agreement they will be able to chastise them on other measures they are not following as well.



Every 90 days, the president is required by Congress to certify compliance with Iran. October 15 marks the next date President Trump must do so… or not. Congress is then given 60 days to restore sanctions that were removed from the deal.