Professor Claims “The Modern GOP Is Nothing But White Supremacy”

by Kevin 0

A Virginia Tech professor made the bold claim on Monday that “the modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy” in response to a leadership squabble within a College Republicans chapter.

Associate Professor of Medieval Studies at Virginia Tech University, Matthew Gabriele,  posted the tweet Monday morning in response to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education reporting that the Washington State University College Republicans had repudiated the re-election of its president, James Allsup, who was spotted at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Allsup faced pressured from republicans to resign after pictures of himself at the rally in Charlottesville surfaced and while he ultimately retained enough support within his own group to win re-election, his impending graduation disqualifies him from serving in that role next year.

When other users criticized Gabriele’s assertion, the professor fired back in a separate tweet, saying that “a lot of white dudes have found this tweet and they are proving, once again, that the right is SO BAD at trolling other white dudes.”

This is not the first time a link has been brought up between white supremacists and the GOP by this specific professor.

During the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election, he cast similar aspersions against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie.

In a November tweet, for instance, he stated, “so @edwgillespie is incompetent and running a racist campaign! Two-fer! #VAGov.”

Going even further, he elaborated in another tweet that “@EdWGillespie is running a racist campaign. Kneeling. Confederate statues. BS immigration fears. Pedophiles. Gillespie has no honor #vagov.”

“Just admit the entire party runs racist campaigns around white fear,” Gabriele tweeted on another occasion, responding to a “Gillespiesque racist mailer” warning of the MS-13 gang.

Twitter users should not be able to make such bold, and absurd claims about Trump and his administration, comparing them to dangerous racist groups is not fair and not a good practice.