Photos Leak Of Obama And Michelle On Their Mega Yacht But Everyone See’s Something Even More Sickening

by American News 0

Throughout their eight years in the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama were notorious for taking lavish vacations while simultaneously criticizing the top 1% for being out-of-touch with middle-class Americans. It’s been interesting to watch them transform into the people they once criticized after leaving the White House.

Now that they’re no longer living at the expense of hardworking Americans, there is nothing wrong with the Obamas enjoying their wealth. But it’s immensely hypocritical of them to ignore the fact that they are part of the wealthy elite circle they once fought against.

Daily Mail recently reported that the Obamas were spotted partying with Bruce Springsteen, Oprah, and Tom Hanks on David Geffen’s super-yacht in French Polynesia recently. The former first couple was caught posing for photos on the top deck of the Rising Sun.

Of course, their children were noticeably missing. They appear to be perfectly fine traveling the world and leaving their children behind—even though Sasha is only 15.

What do you think? Are the Obamas the ones who are really “out-of-touch”?