Obama Plants Watchdog In Congress to Undermine Trump Presidency… It’s Worse Than We Thought

by American News 0

According to reports, Representative Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah and chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said that his committee still intends to keep an eye on Hillary Clinton’s email issues in the new Congress. Chaffetz noted that new emails emerged this week for the State Department.

“I don’t want this to linger,” he said in a statement.

Chaffetz also refused to stand behind Trump, saying it is not his plan to be Trump’s “cheerleader.” He also noted that letters he has gotten from Democrats about the committee watching Trump were “silly.”

“The president is exempt from most of these issues,” Chaffetz noted.

While his committee spent the past eight years going after Obama for “scandals”, including gunrunning at the Justice Department and the IRS’s slowdown of tax-emption applications from Tea Party groups, this year’s focus will be on postal reform—turning back Obama’s application of the Antiquities Act.

Chaffetz says he would also like to change pension programs for new federal workers and see new government buildings set up outside of Washington.