Nancy Sinatra Only Wants “The Murderous Members Of The NRA” To Die

by Kevin 0

All of America was grieving after the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, when a crowd of thousands of Americans was fired upon by a gunman from the vantage point of a hotel balcony. The total tally showed 58 dead and over 500 wounded, truly an American tragedy that moved us all emotionally.

But Singer Nancy Sinatra decided that not enough blood was shed that night in Las Vegas as she called for an entire group to be put to death: the NRA. The tweet, which she since deleted, read:

“The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”

The irony of her statements didn’t go unnoticed for very long.

Sinatra’s attempts to clarify her tweets didn’t go much better as she claimed she only wanted to put “the murderous ones” to death, which didn’t go over well as you can imagine.

Right after the tragedy in Las Vegas, Nancy Sinatra decides to stir up unnecessary controversy by calling for the murder of millions of innocent people just because they are gun owners? That seems to be the only connection between the Las Vegas shooter and members of the NRA. It’s tweets like this from Nancy Sinatra that paint NRA members in an incredibly unfair and violent light.