Muslim Woman Plays Racist Card On TSA Agents For Searching Her, Feds Then Make Shocking Discovery At Home

by American News Editor 0

In April of this year a writer for the Los Angeles Times, Lubana Adi, wrote an article in which she claimed that Muslims were being targeted by the TSA at Los Angeles International Airport. She suggested that this targeting had been put in place because TSA and the officers felt the 4th amendment was not applicable to Muslims.

Accusations held by Adi included TSA officers making her empty her bags, groping her underneath her Hijab, as well as asking her intrusive questions about the amount of cash she was carrying and what her travel plans consisted of. We all know as citizens of the United States, it is not out of the ordinary during standard procedure for TSA to ask guests to empty their bags or the amount of cash that they are traveling with. As for the groping, it is highly unlikely that this would happen especially when there are multiple security cameras located around the airport and any suspicious activity would have been reported.

There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye. Located within the same Los Angeles Times, there was a story about a Rashid Jijakli charged with smuggling weapons and military gear to Jihadist fighters in Syria. Although Lubana Adi was traveling during the month of April when she claims to have been assaulted by TSA, Mr. Jijakli in the Los Angeles Times story just so happens to be married to the woman accusing TSA of wrongdoing. Is this a coincidence?

Islamaphobia has nothing to do with the extra security that Ms. Adi experienced. What she is failing to realize is that her husband has provided material support to a terrorist organization and that is why she is being put under scrutiny. Even though she may say it was a waste of time and money, under these certain circumstances, it seems understandable that TSA officers would want to take the precaution and screen her more carefully than usual to make sure she was not carrying any prohibited items or otherwise engaging in illegal activity.

What do you think? Were TSA officers just doing their jobs?