Muslim Woman Blasts Shop Owner Because Placing Lingerie Near Headscarves Is Offensive

by American News Editor 0

A Muslim woman wearing a niqab brutally attacked a saleswoman at a fashion boutique in Berlin. The reason? This Muslim woman thought it was disrespectful to have lingerie displayed next to Islamic headscarfs. The veiled woman asked the saleswoman to remove the lingerie and when her request was denied, she attacked.

However, the Muslim woman happened to be a reckless convert of the religion, as her blonde hair and tattoo gave her away. As reported by the police, the veiled woman had come into the store before insulting the saleswoman and was asked to leave, things eventually escalated.

Followers of the Religion of Peace try to impose their demented version of proper ethics onto people and businesses. Violence ensues when someone refuses to abide by their rules. A report from July has revealed that Muslims of Chechen origin have continuously tried to inflict their imposing morality in Berlin.

“Even in a hijab, I was called a prostitute, for instance, for wearing eye makeup. And I thought: ‘Who am I trying to please?'” recalled a Muslim girl who was harassed by a “Morality Police.”

Sven Lau, a radical Islamist imam, started the “Shariah Police.” He was later arrested for raising money and supplies for the radical Islamic terror groups in the Middle East. Although he should have received more time, Lau was sentenced to five and half years in prison.

Angela Merkel has allowed these problems to continue with her open borders policy.

This is outrageous.

Should she be deported back to her country?