Mulsim Puts Oil On Fire, Spurs Violence Against Coptic Christians… From The Comfort Of Her Couch

by Kevin 0

Who would have thought that one of the most incendiary figures involved in Muslim violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt, originates from an Egyptian women at her computer in a small suburb in New Jersey?

It’s not as if the fire needs much stoking, as there is already much violence and hatred between the groups, but Arat Oraby calls Coptics a “gang” that need to be boycotted and subjugated.

“The problem of the Christians in Egypt is that they follow the church gang,” she wrote.

“They believe that (Coptic Pope) Tawadoros the criminal, or any other criminal who will replace him, was selected by the Lord and speaks on His behalf. The church gang deceives its followers in this despicable way, just like a thief or a swindler from the Middle Ages.”

She often refers to Christians as “Narzarenes” which is what Isis refers to Christians as. Just last week in Cairo, a Coptic priest was murdered in the streets by a young Muslim, the lastest in a string of violence against the church that began a year ago.

Last Thursday, a report was published by The Investigative Project on Terrorism group, who named Arat Oraby as the tip of the spear when it comes to content online that is inciting this kind of violence.

Arat Oraby was one of the most prominent members of an online community that was promoting “arab spring.”

“The only reason Oraby is the last one standing is because she lives in the U.S. All those in the Middle East who promoted the Arab Spring were arrested or went into hiding,” Christian said. “But she lives in the U.S. and is enjoying the freedom and the protection of the left in the United States.”

Should she be allowed to spread this kind of inflammatory propaganda from the safety of the U.S.?